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Celebrity Investigator

Investigations.Buzz reports: Celebrity investigator moves to the top of the food chain in our company when it comes to assisting our high-end clients. We extend an olive branch and warm welcome to any and all celebrities who are vehemently looking for confidentiality.  We can be very secretive and will shield our clients in every way possible and always have our clients objectives in mind.  Our long list of clients include many celebrities and their attorneys, from actors to producers.  Our position, is to be good listeners and assist our clients in every way possible.  We are not looking for fame, we’ve  had our 15 minutes of fame long ago, we’re here to assist celebrities behind the scenes to make sure they get the assistance they need.

We have experience in the film industry, working celebrity protection for celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards, working the red carpet as armed body guards in plain clothes for celebrities.  As peace officers, we have worked celebrity protection on film sets such as: “Three for the Road” with actors such as “Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green” in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Another one that comes to mind is the movie “Mirage” starring “James Edward Olmos and Sean Young” which was filmed on set in the City of Coachella, CA.  Let’s not forget the blockbuster movie, “Bugsy” starring “Warren Beatty and Annette Bening” filmed in the City of Coachella.  With many more under our belt we also have a long list of celebrities we have encountered, but we will keep those names quiet since we offer confidential retainers.

A celebrity investigator is a prestigious position which we cherish and take great pride in holding dear to our hearts. It is important to us to set you stress free and help you with all of your investigative needs. Investigations.Buzz is here to take your calls and it is true we are vying for your business and will do whatever it takes to prove ourselves to you.  We help out with domestic violence issues, dissolution of marriage, harassment, cyber bullying, assault & battery cases, D.U.I., drug cases, and many others.  One of our specialties is, “damage control” where we minimize the damage or keep celebrities out of the lime light.  Meaning, you might be quite surprised what we come up with to throw off the paparazzi and keep them from following you.  So, if you’re looking for some great celebrity investigators we can help you in a wide variety of ways from using tactical maneuvers to throw off the paparazzi to finding key witnesses to help your case.

I might also mention sometimes people may think there is nothing anyone can do for them because they were caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar but that is far from the truth, remember many hands may have been in that same cookie jar before yours…allow us to investigate and find out whose hands were in that cookie jar!  This is what we do!  For another example check this out, a lot of district attorneys in trial will use this analogy to present to the jury:

If the mother of a 5 year old boy,  bakes a chocolate cake and leaves it on the kitchen table…..then comes back later and finds her 5 year old boy with chocolate all over his face one would think for sure the boy dipped into the chocolate cake, thus, the district attorney makes their case based on “circumstantial evidence.”  Well, we come in and say yup we agree the boy did in fact have chocolate on his face, but not because he dipped into the chocolate cake, but rather he licked the spoon which was left by the mother sitting in the Betty Crocker frosting can on the counter.  Cased dismissed!

If you need an attorney, we have many seasoned attorneys who are real and will help you with your case.  Would you like to have an attorney from out of the area in where people do not know you?  Well, we have a list of them whom we work with regularly and let me tell you they are very friendly and brilliant at what they do.  So, please do not stress out over things, just give us a call and we will help set you stress free.  Do you have a substance abuse or alcohol related issue?  We are super good in this area and can help you in so many ways you would not have dreamed of.  We pretty much know all the tricks of the trade as we have worked narcotics from the street peddler to the cartel, so we can help, all you have to do is call us.  The reason I keep mentioning for you to call is we cannot help you if we don’t hear from you.  So then, the first step is to make the call and let us help you.  Remember, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help you conquer the demon that is stressing you.

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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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