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Find Security Officer Near Me

Find security officer near me is probably a term you search to find professional security officers for your everyday needs.  We can help you find security officers near you!  If you need a uniformed or plainclothes security officer, we have both to choose from.  Whether you need a hundred or just one security officer we can help you find what you need!  If you are hosting an event and would like to hire some professional courteous security officers we can come through for you.  Normally, we only handle high end events or private celebrity hosting events as our security officers are  highly trained, educated and able to handle body guard services.

Most of our security officers are retired peace officers and have the authority to carry concealed weapons.  All of our security officers are fully licensed with guard cards and can work in any area of law.  Our security officers do not however wear police uniforms or anything similar to any police agency.  Each security officer if uniformed is clearly identified as a security officer and not a peace officer. If the security officer wears plain clothes, he or she will not display a peace officer badge or police identification card at anytime, so please do not ask. All of our security officers may be contracted out to various agencies through contractual negotiations.

If you would like more information we invite you to email or call us anytime and we will see what we can do to host your event!  Remember, it all starts with communication and then we go on to build a relationship with you.

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