Los Angeles Police Recruits

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Los Angeles Police Recruits

Los Angeles Police Department is now hiring for the position of trainee police officer. L.A.P.D. is offering a generous package in order to recruit new officers but their is one catch! Many departments are offering much more lucrative packages. Due to the past history with L.A.P.D.’s administration and poor management, many people who are good prospects are turning to other departments such as the City of Montebello Police Department, Redondo Beach Police Department who are fast growing departments with tantalizing offers such as bilingual pay, 3% at 50 retirements and more. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is currently hiring female recruits for their up coming academy and is accepting applications for up to 500 deputy sheriff trainees and lateral positions within the department.  These are a few examples of some of the departments hiring in the Los Angeles areas and Inland Empire.  If you are currently searching for a job in law enforcement please give us a call and we can lead you in the right direction, we would be happy to speak with you and even offer a very reasonable pre-application process in where you can learn all the tricks to applying, passing and having the opportunity to get hired before the next guy.  Give us a  call today and we can save you big money in the long run if you come to us first and allow us to direct you toward employment.

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