Missing Persons

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Missing Persons

Missing persons are reported at an alarming rate, approximately 2,300 missing persons are reported to law enforcement agencies across America every day.  The F.B.I. calculates missing persons and kidnappings in the same categories when announcing statistical data to the public.  Investigations.LA has successfully taken the position to find such missing persons mainly in the the City and County of Los Angeles, however, we are very active in the County of Riverside and Inland Empire.  Our object is to locate and return missing persons.”[more…]”   Our tactical response to missing persons is carefully calculated and not by happenstance.   We have a host of active and retired deputy sheriffs & police officers who are highly trained and skilled at locating missing persons. There is much to speak about here as missing persons can result in homicides, lengthy disappearances, prostitution and human trafficking to name a few.  Investigations.LA will work in concert with state and federal authorities, especially if the case is involving a kidnapping. We are deeply concerned about the exorbitant amount of missing persons reported every day in Los Angeles, so much, we give priority to all missing persons type cases.

Without revealing our tactical response to our missing persons investigations, I will tell you we have a systematic response to such situations which includes speaking with family members and or loved ones in effort to collect information about the missing person.  Our search generally includes a spiral search then grid search in effort to cover all ground. Our search is also social media in where we look for footprints along the way.  Our resources are very professional on the City, County, State and Federal level.  But despite all of this, let me be real with you…we have experienced old knuckle dragging retired cops who have many contacts on the mean streets of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire to get the necessary results we are looking for.  In the video below, you can see the difference in how the police have to be very careful of what they say to the people due to political issues, if you look at the private investigator, he is unconcerned what people think or say, he tells it like it is…..and by the way the private investigator in this case, sadly to say was correct the young American boy was found murdered… I say it like this, so you can clearly see it is our knowledge, experience, training and education which makes us good at what we do.  If you know of a missing person please contact any one of these agencies immediately.  Or, perhaps you have knowledge of where a missing person may be located who is being held against their will, if so, at least call 911. Or, search for “find a private investigator near me.”


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