Serial Rapist Convicted

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Serial Rapist Convicted


Photo: Accused Rapist Melbrough Williams

SexOffender.LA reports: A Riverside County man, residing in the City of Murrieta is accused of allegedly raping and robbing women working as prostitutes, most of whom he found online as he perused websites looking for female escorts, has been ordered to stand trial, authorities said. Melbrough Williams Jr., 45, has pleaded not guilty to rape, robbery, kidnapping and other sex charges, Riverside County court records show. He is charged with raping five women and attempted to sexually assault a sixth. All but one of the assaults are alleged to have occurred in the City of Temecula or surrounding areas.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Investigator III S. Grassel was assigned the daunting task of tracking down a potentially unknown serial rapist operating within the County of Riverside. He painstakingly took the time to track down any victims and interview them ad nauseam as he was on his hunt for a serial rapist. Investigator Grassel eventually tracked down Melbrough Williams through a victim, by use of a photo line-up. Investigator S. Grassel had showed his first victim 7 photo lineups before she made a positive ID on Williams. DNA from Williams was found on the victim in her sexual assault examination. There were a total of 10 victims but only 6 of the 10 victims wanted to pursue official charges.

On July 27, 2012, Investigator S. Grassel successfully arrested Melbrough Williams for multiple counts of alleged sexual assaults and was held on a bail increase of $10,000,000.00 since his arrest. Over several months of, “good ole fashion police work” Investigator Grassel pitched his case to the Riverside County District Attorney’s office.  The investigation revealed Williams had been involved in this type of activity for over 10 years, his first known incident was October 2002. Since the arrest two other victims were located, one by a DNA hit and one who’s phone had been stolen during a robbery which was in the possession Melbrough Williams at the time of his arrest.

During the investigation, Investigator S. Grassel learned Melbrough Williams was a medically retired Los Angeles County Probation employee. Investigator S. Grassel proceeded with the case just like any other case he came across.Melbrough Williams was found guilty of seven felony sexual assault cases out of 12 felony counts he was originally charged with on June 16, 2014 Southwest Division of the Riverside County Superior Court. Melbrough Williams potentially faces approximately 95 years to life behind bars for his convictions. He faces sentencing in mid-July,


Photo: Investigator S. Grassel, previous agency

It is investigators like Investigator S. Grassel who are true policemen with a passion to hunt down potential serial rapists who are to be commended with the highest regard from society. SexOffender.LA brings you true stories from true policemen who are the very fabric of society, protecting women and children without regard to their very own safety. Investigator S. Grassel is an asset to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. His willingness to undertake such a feat is second to none. Our hat goes off to Investigator S. Grassel for performing such a heroic deed. We would also like to mention District Attorney Sean Crandall and District Attorney Ed Hansen who did an awesome job of taking an alleged serial rapist to trial and winning convictions on seven of the twelve counts against Melbrough Williams.

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