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Legal Research

Legal research is our specialty, we can take a police report and flush out the background noise and come to a viable defense rather easily.  Most of our defense investigators were former police administrators who worked their way up the ranks to administrative positions and believe me they have reviewed many police reports over their long careers. “[more…]” Investigations.LA is a host of private investigators and defense investigators working exclusively for defense & civil attorneys. You may ask what makes us different from other investigative services.  Well, simply put we are very educated and highly trained and we work great as a team.  A few of our defense investigators have attended law school and or are law students which really helps with  understanding what each individual attorney is actually looking for.  Attorneys have come to realize we are no threat, but rather, a viable source to their success in winning their cases. Most attorneys who do not use defense investigators have to do the work themselves and this does not normally prove viable since they generally have a tight work load.

Our legal research consists of reviewing police reports, police documents, police evidence, police images, police records, Department of Motor Vehicle documents, C.L.E.T.S. documents, and all other police related documents such as property forms, six-packs and or line ups and more.  We have a knack at spotting things the average attorney cannot, this is mainly because they specialize in law not police work.  Police work can be a bit tricky and to know the tricks of the trade is very valuable. Legal research is something we take pride in and our passion keeps us digging until we find what we need to find.  We constantly brainstorm ideas based on our legal research to look for defense we need to find.  As an attorney, if you merely  need us to review your police report file please email us and or call and we can chat about what it is you are looking for.  Our retainer fee’s are reasonable and we have a budget plan for most all even if they are defendants. Remember, we were the cops…and now we help defense & civil attorneys with the information they need to win their cases.  You may ask what resources do you use to assist in legal research.  This is a common question but we do not give up all of our secrets but I will tell you we have police resources which we use to better assist us with our findings.  Our resources generally come within working in law enforcement for so many years.

We know how the police are trained, we were once cops and we have the same training and more.  Additionally, we probably trained the police in most of the largest cities and or counties in Southern California.  Plus, remember we have investigators who work in several other states as well, so if you need someone out of state we can help you.  Our span reaches all the way across America.  Please email us at: .

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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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