Police Defense

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Police Defense

Police defense, is something we take pride in and give 100% attention to in all cases. If you are a peace officer, police officer, deputy sheriff, correctional officer please give us a shot, we have been successful in helping many officers with progressive discipline issues, wrongful termination along with other issues such as filing grievances or complaints. We have tremendous talent in the field of internal affair investigations and are not afraid to go up against the most aggressive investigators within any agency. Our talent is derived from major education and on the job training as internal affair investigators. Most agencies have union lawyers which the officer relies on  heavily to win their case but truth be told most union defense lawyers were not officers themselves and lack the inside scoop of how to truly win your case.  We have assisted police union lawyers and have had excellent success, so if you have an attorney you might want to tell him/her you would like to have an investigator on your case.

Please remember, it is not like hiring one of your buddies to help you on your case, you need a professional who knows the ins-and-outs of these types of investigations.  Meaning, understanding the law as it pertains to your case and what the district attorney, administration and or an arbitrator will be looking for in your individual case.  If anything at all, please do not give any statements to anyone until you call us, let your pride down and call us, we are your friends…we will help you.  We truly want to help you be stress free…no matter what the allegation/s are.  We were or are cops…we know what to do…let us help you.  It all starts with you making the call, we will answer 24/7 and it will not cost you anything other than your valuable time. Yes, we are in the business to profit and yes we are expensive but let me tell you we are in it to win it.  We have major resources across Southern California, we know judges, D.A.’s, Defense Attorneys, Civil Attorneys, governmental employee’s and many others who are willing to help you.

If you have not been interviewed yet please call us first, do not give a statement until you speak to us first. Assert your AB301 rights and demand your union representative…..and if your reps are weak…demand your lawyer.  If you do not have a lawyer, call us we have attorneys willing and ready to take your case. We do not care if you have been ordered not to talk about your case, call us we can represent you. Remember, even if you believe it is a lost cause or they have overwhelming evidence…you could be wrong here…we have won many which most cops would say…. “Wow!” “Completely amazing!”


Toll free: 855-342-3300

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Find a Private Investigator Near Me

Find a Private Investigator near me, yes you came to the right place.  We work exclusively for defense and civil attorneys. Investigations.LA is a super special website where attorneys can find great defense investigators, full of life and vibrant minds ready to work. Find a private investigator on the internet today and allow us to make you stress free!  We work exclusively for a number of defense and civil attorneys in many different aspects. “[more…]” We are really good at reviewing your police report and writing excellent defenses you may never have thought of as we explore all aspects of the case.  Investigations.LA is located in Los Angeles, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County and San Bernardino County. Private Investigators work in many different fields of investigative work but have more recently began to work as counselors, therapists and lawyers as well.  So then, depending on what you need done we can most likely help you.  Some people want investigators to take pictures of their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend who is a suspected cheater.  Others hire investigators to follow people around and take juicy video of their infidelity and or wrongdoings.  Some people hire us to work as decoys in businesses who are involved in employee theft cases.  Yes, some celebrities hire us to protect them and investigate false allegations.  Whatever you need us for, please give us a call…we are here for you!

We extend ourselves to make sure you get the best service ever and truth be told we win our cases the majority of the time.  Do you have a case that needs some magic?  We can help, we have taken police reports which appear to be solid and make mince meat out of them on a regular basis.  We respect the police, they have a hard job and place their lives on the line everyday.  However, we understand budgeting and most agencies can only spend so much time investigating their cases, so then, what happens is their investigations lack and leave gaping holes for us to place our feet into and take such reports apart little by little. Give us a chance to help you we have a strong passion to  help people.  On the flip side, if you are an officer and your attorney is looking for a defense investigator to assist you with your case let us know.

We are experts in the area of internal affairs investigations and pride ourselves for saving the careers of many officers. We currently have cases pending in Los Angeles and Riverside County involving wrongful terminations and can surely help you! We can help any law enforcement officer and or agency.  If you have the need for us to conduct an internal affairs investigation we can do that as well.  Our hats fit many situations and many people, give us a chance to help you, email us at:.

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Narcotic Investigators

Narcotic Investigators offer a wide variety of expertise, ranging from D.R.E. – Drug Recognition Expert to the D.A.R. – Drug Abuse Recognition Expert.  We have active & retired peace officers who have worked special teams such as major narcotics to street peddlers. Our investigators go back to the day where drug addicts were arrested and charged with 11550 H.S. – Under the influence of cocaine, heroin and or amphetamines (methamphetamine’s) and or other scheduled narcotics.”[more…]” Our expertise is on a high level, in where, our investigators have worked under cover to dealing in hand to hand buys with addicts and sellers.  We have dealt on large scales from kilos to tons of cocaine, heroin, amphetamines valued at millions of dollars. We have vast experience with asset forfeiture as well, going back to day one when asset forfeiture was first introduced.

Additionally, our investigators are voir dired in most scheduled drugs including cannabis and have testified as expert witnesses.  Our expertise also included working in conjunction with many drug units in the Southern California area. We have dealt with international cases from the Country of Mexico and abroad. Our experience also includes but is not limited to outdoor grows & indoor grows with major eradication took place.  Our vast experience with the D.E.A. has allowed us to gain strong training in nearly all fields of narcotic usage from personal use to sales and transportation.  If you need an expert, well you came to the right place, our investigators have 100 years of combined training, experience, knowledge and education when it comes to narcotics.  We offer expert testimony and welcome any drug reports to review.  Our success rate is overwhelming.  We pride ourselves with appeals cases and can devote the time to reviewing wire taps on any federal case.  Please email us at:.

Toll free: 855-342-3300

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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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