Fullerton Officers Acquitted on all Counts

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Fullerton Officers Acquitted on all Counts

Fullerton Officers acquitted on all counts!  That’s right our justice system works once again as it has for the last 100 years!  Ladies & gentlemen, the jury has spoken! Law enforcement officers from around the world are rejoicing after hearing the good news of the verdicts.   Of course, there is always a handful of people who disagree with verdicts such as these but that is quite normal and actually very healthy for all.  Most lawyers and law enforcement officers know the true reasoning behind the acquittals when the layman John Q. Citizen lacks knowledge of the law as it pertains to most of the allegations and or the definitive value of the law.  Yes, we feel badly for the loss of a human life, however, it is imperative that society understands the police need not desist or retreat. In this particular case it goes back to simple police work and that is called training.  It was clear, the officers were just doing their job and implementing training and practical experience.

The standard of training in the State of California is second to none and for this reason we have some of the most highly trained police officers on planet earth.  There are many naysayers or haters in the world who basically have very limited knowledge of police procedure. So then, when the media exploits the solicited statements of people with little or no education then it would prove up a fruitless or unfair advantage against the police.  This same type of media frenzy has gone on for years and years.  The media outlets playing the same film footage over and over to the extent it is embedded in ones mind.  This type of journalism again is an unfair advantage to the police and will most likely never go away.  Why?  Well, simply said journalist are covered under the United States Constitution and the first time any of them are questioned they always seek this pleading.  Therefore, what happens is these types of cases the police officer suffers great ridicule from society even after being acquitted by a jury of his/her peers.

Without even naming names here…it is clear even family members do not clearly understand the law, if they did they would surely understand the reasons for the acquittal.  Not to belabor this whole situation but instead to report the aforementioned true information which we all now know to be true.  For over zealous prosecutors to attempt to take advantage of police officers while stooping to pressure from naysayers might get them to rethink their tactics.  As far as the F.B.I. goes, they have already investigated this matter and if there were anything to be brought forward it would have already been done.  This is clearly not a civil rights violation case, it is merely a person who resisted the lawful efforts of a law enforcement officer to affect an arrest, nothing more.

Our hearts go out to everyone in the matter and no punches held here, it is what it is and we have to accept our legal system as is.  We do extend our sincere apologies to the entire family for their great loss, it saddens us deeply, however we can only go forward and promote peace and harmony.  Our lives must go onward and the Fullerton Officers should be returned to work immediately with full back pay and benefits.

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