Elder Abuse

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elder abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in the year 2016 is something which happens all to frequently but perhaps not in the way you may think.  Because we’re in the baby boomer period and so a lot of courts are seeing their case loads tripling.  The problem here is the courts find that most cases hinge on civil vs. criminal charges.  Truth be told, most D.A.’s don’t really want to take the chance on charging people with elder abuse mostly due to the victim being elderly and refusing to prosecute their wrong doers.  What we’ve seen is a lot of elders own adult children have wiped out their bank accounts, tricked their parents into signing over property and even going as far to file false executed documents with the court to become the executor and or trustee over their will or estate.  Generally, we call this adult child the wicked one, as the good adult child will come forward and report their siblings wrong doing.  Or, what happens someone will report Adult Protective Services and the police, thus, a case is filed and the authorities step in.

Well, because a lot of elders are tricked and or duped into opening a co-joining bank account by the wicked adult child or children it makes it a civil issue and most D.A.’s won’t touch the case criminally.  There is such a thing as financial elder abuse but it must be egregious in nature and their must be evidence with the victim being mentally competent before a prosecution takes place.  Where we come in is simple, we meet with your attorney to obtain all the facts and then start an interview process with the elder and any possible witnesses.  Then we look at the forensics and obtain all the necessary paperwork in order to make our case.  On occasions the police may become involved dependent on the circumstances. Our mission, is to recover for the elder who has been abused. We have been very successful in recovering for victims.  Our cases involve the recovery of millions of dollars in liquidity and property.

We cannot reveal our trade secrets here but we will work with your attorney in order to put forward our best effort. If you do not have an attorney we can refer you to one that will help you.  Merely, give us a call and we will get down to business and get things started right away, the longer you wait the worse things could get, so take the time to make the call!


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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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