Facebook Cheaters

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Facebook Cheaters

Facebook cheaters?  Yes, absolutely and attorneys abroad are quoting 1 in 5 divorces are due to people cheating on Facebook!  Is it really true?  Of course it is, but we tend to close our eyes when we don’t want to hear or see all the juicy details of sex affairs. Our clients who are mostly men, tell us their spouses and or girlfriends are cheating on Facebook at all times of the day and night.  We have seen a huge increase in women cheating through the use of social media, particularly Facebook.  In effort to identify why this phenomenon exists we had to take a hard look into the behavior of women and what is causing people to reach out to past boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and acquaintances on Facebook. Since women cheat 70% of the time in relationships with men, we could only identify one issue that would lead us to believe why women do what they do on Facebook.  Women are generally at home while their husband and or boyfriend is in the workplace, therefore, women have idle time to go on Facebook for many hours throughout the day and night.

Women may have good intentions by searching the internet for cooking recipes, travel, clothing etc… but let’s be real here….they get really bored and this is an area which is unknown to mankind as women themselves do not know why they have to seek out the unknown through men.  Perhaps, it is attention they are seeking or perhaps they have a need to be loved in their own way, either way there is a void and women desire to have it filled. Some women are over sexed and they have to seek out sex partners where ever they believe they will be safe in doing so.  Some women are curious about what it would be like to be with a younger man, only to find out they would be used in the end….We chose women to be the topic here as most of our cases involve women who cheat.  Now then, what happens is simple… it starts off with the woman sending a friend request to a past boyfriend, friend and or acquaintance and once the “friend request” is accepted the relationship starts.  The both of them will start flirting and private messaging through Facebook then it goes to exchange of cell phone numbers then to massive text messaging.  Some cases go into phone sex several times before actually meeting in person….Generally, after a short period it goes from texting to sexting and before you know it they end up in a hotel room.

Thereafter, the women feels embarrassed and or depressed and this causes severe problems in her marriage and as time goes on with more phone calls, more texting, more sexting and more hotel room visits the women becomes accustomed to their dark desires and lust for their secret lover from Facebook.  It is the unknown and or dark side to the women which we have no idea what causes her  to do what she does.  Yes, it takes two and the male is equally to blame if he has knowledge the women is married.  However, the male hasn’t to many concerns as he got what he wanted and is unconcerned for the women in most cases.  There are cases in where the male who was duped on Facebook by the woman did in-fact fall in love with  her and would have done anything for the woman, but if the woman is plain sexual deviant then the unsuspecting male means nothing to her and she will find her next victim to devour.  It is the women who eventually is caught and loses everything they have worked for and finds herself in a bitter divorce.  We bring this article to you because we wanted you to know we understand why people do what they do on Facebook….you and or I will never stop it…it is out of control and it will never end.  So then, you can take some precautions to prevent your spouse from cheating.  You could have one Facebook page with the two of you together and this way you could both enjoy the page and there would be no secrets.  Yes, either of you could have a fake Facebook page and that would further create issues within the marriage if it ever came up.

You can be rest assured all the private messaging NEVER gets erased, Facebook keeps all private messages even if you delete them.  Yes, an attorney can get all the private messages through a subpoena.  Plus, if you really think about it for a moment all the images you have uploaded to Facebook are kept as well and will never go away completely.  Trust me attorneys are hip to Facebook and will use it against you in any proceeding. I tell you this is because we too will get your information from Facebook and or any other social media website.  You leave footprints where ever you go on the internet.  You may ask, well who do you represent?  Well, we represent both sides in any and all matters.  This is because we do not discriminate when it comes to our clients best interests.  Plus, you have to remember not everyone is cheating, however, they may appear to be and sometimes our job is to prove the person is not cheating versus cheating. Take a look at some of the resources you might want to look into which may help protect you from being the victim of a cheater.

  • PC Spy Keylogger is a software tool where you can set up your keyboard to see what is being typed
  • Mobile Spy is a download for a cell phone where you can monitor text messaging and phone calls and GPS locations
  • X3Watch is a software program which will record all websites, including porn sites to hold some responsible for visiting such sites

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