Undue Influence

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Undue Influence

Undue Influence is an area of law that pertains to elder abuse in where a person takes advantage of an elder generally through financial gain. If you or someone you know is the victim of elder abuse please give us a call and we can direct you to one of our attorneys who specialize in elder abuse.  Please do not wait as time is of essence since we sometimes do not know how long the victimization has been going on. It is time to take action and stop the bleeding!  Of course, everything will be confidential and we will help you remain anonymous as well.  These types of undue influence cases can be very ugly and generally large sums of money can be taken from the victim under false pretenses and this the reason we say to call us right away.  We have experienced investigators who are either active or retired police officers who know how to deal with these types of cases.  A lot of times, people will take their case to the police and little is done because the case is dismissed as being civil when in fact it is most likely criminal but convoluted in effort to throw off the police.

The police always try their best however they lack the manpower to fully investigate such cases and white collar crimes usually are last in priority due to all the violent crimes happening in today’s society.  We can help show you how to block bank accounts, we can show you how to get the proper restraining order, we can show you how to get conservatorship along with other ways to stop the person or persons to stop taking advantage of an elder.  In many cases, it is the elder’s own loved ones who are the closest to the elder who are doing bad things to take advantage of the elder. We have seen this many times and yes it does get ugly but the only way to stop it is to take action.  If you’re not going to be actionable then things will not change and the worse it gets.  All you have to do is give us a call and we will guide you in the right direction.  Keep in mind, these types of cases are not handled over night they sometimes take a long time to tackle so do not wait any longer give us a call.

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elder abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in the year 2016 is something which happens all to frequently but perhaps not in the way you may think.  Because we’re in the baby boomer period and so a lot of courts are seeing their case loads tripling.  The problem here is the courts find that most cases hinge on civil vs. criminal charges.  Truth be told, most D.A.’s don’t really want to take the chance on charging people with elder abuse mostly due to the victim being elderly and refusing to prosecute their wrong doers.  What we’ve seen is a lot of elders own adult children have wiped out their bank accounts, tricked their parents into signing over property and even going as far to file false executed documents with the court to become the executor and or trustee over their will or estate.  Generally, we call this adult child the wicked one, as the good adult child will come forward and report their siblings wrong doing.  Or, what happens someone will report Adult Protective Services and the police, thus, a case is filed and the authorities step in.

Well, because a lot of elders are tricked and or duped into opening a co-joining bank account by the wicked adult child or children it makes it a civil issue and most D.A.’s won’t touch the case criminally.  There is such a thing as financial elder abuse but it must be egregious in nature and their must be evidence with the victim being mentally competent before a prosecution takes place.  Where we come in is simple, we meet with your attorney to obtain all the facts and then start an interview process with the elder and any possible witnesses.  Then we look at the forensics and obtain all the necessary paperwork in order to make our case.  On occasions the police may become involved dependent on the circumstances. Our mission, is to recover for the elder who has been abused. We have been very successful in recovering for victims.  Our cases involve the recovery of millions of dollars in liquidity and property.

We cannot reveal our trade secrets here but we will work with your attorney in order to put forward our best effort. If you do not have an attorney we can refer you to one that will help you.  Merely, give us a call and we will get down to business and get things started right away, the longer you wait the worse things could get, so take the time to make the call!


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Financial Crimes

Financial crimes are growing by the numbers in the time of the baby boomers!  Our statistics are showing more and more cases being dealt with across the country with more victims being counted everyday.  It seems as though the elders who worked very hard throughout their long lives are being duped out of their savings by not only loved ones but also the criminal element as well. Many seniors have been stricken by the onset of dementia or other debilitating illnesses in where housekeepers, caretakers, butlers, gardeners, window washers, family members or whomever have found crafty ways to take advantage of them over long periods of time.  There are many ways in where a thief may take advantage of such a person, and the person does not necessarily have to be a senior.  Yes, it could be anyone of any age, however, certain laws apply to certain ages.  Meaning, the laws set forth may have an age limitation in order for the law to apply.  Of course, all states are different and so forth but generally speaking they are pretty much written the same.

If you ever wondered how some of these so called thieves take advantage of such people it is relatively simple.  What we mostly see is in the form of personal checks and or business checks which are written in the excess of what they are being paid for and or a forgery of the check or checks.  Once the thief is forging checks as an example it becomes common place and greed sets in and they keep writing and or signing the checks more frequently until the account or accounts are tapped.  If the senior is elderly and has a lapse of memory and or has dementia as an example the thief believes he or she cannot be prosecuted.  The thief does not believe the senior will report the financial crime.  And, often times the thief will attempt to fool themselves believing what they did is not considered a crime and they will scathe the wrath of the police.  White collar financial crimes are not favored by the police or the local district attorney for that matter.  Well, that is until lately!  The police have become more educated along with the district attorney and they have been working vertically to prosecute such cases.  Remember the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme?  Well, he too my friends is a convicted thief and was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his white collar financial crimes and he took billions through his own greed thinking he could get away with it.  So then, my point here is if you or a loved one is being bilked out of every red cent they have worked so hard for in life we can help you go after what is rightfully yours or your loved ones.

We will entrench ourselves in your case, the police are generally busy and do not have the time or resources to dig deep.  These cases have to be handled very discreetly and with great precision on every level. In order to recover, we have to reduced words to paper and build a case from the onset of when the financial crime occurred.  Going backwards in order to do so is easier said than done.  We have the patience to do just that, and yes it is time consuming in order to get it right but once we get the boulder moving there is no stopping it.  If you  have an attorney have him or her call us right away to set up and appointment to get things started.  The longer you wait the more difficult the case becomes, and truth be told these cases have been known to go on for years and years without the culprit/s being identified and or prosecuted.  It is time to make the change and start taking action on what is right in life and put pen to paper and get these cases to the district attorney in order to file these cases.  So, no matter how small or large the case is we can certainly help you become stress free and do everything possible to assist you on a professional level.  Make the call today and let us stress for you!  855-342-3300

In all fairness, on the other hand, if you or if you know of someone who has been wrongfully accused of doing something similar and you would like us to represent you please feel  to call us as we are open to  hear what you have to say.  Financial crimes are not easy and not all accused are actually guilty of such crimes, there are people who are down right innocent and we like to say the scales of justice will prevail, however, we do know of many cases in where although the finger pointed to one person it was later found it was not that named person but an unsuspecting person who would be later charged with the actual crime, thus, the named person was exonerated.  Anyway, you get the point…but you have to make the call!

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Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has become increasingly intense for law enforcement due to the time it requires to properly investigate such crimes.  It is not so much they are difficult crimes to prove, it is more difficult spending quality time  conducting the investigation.  Meaning, in law enforcement there are only so many hours to investigate elder abuse crimes.  Therefore, victims and or the family of victims hire investigators to further investigate what the police might miss.  Yes, the police do conduct great investigations but keep in mind they are over burdened and can’t possible devote the time to such lengthy investigations. That is where we come in, we have the time to devote and assure quality investigations.  A lot of times, the victim suffers great financial loss and we are hired to back track and find all the missing money and where it went.  We are very good at following footprints all the way to where it all started.  This is why we win these cases hands down!  If we can help you please call us right away and we can set you stress free!  Email us: .

What is elder abuse?

  • Intentional actions that cause harm, or create risk of harm, whether or not intended
  • To a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or other person who stands in a position of trust to the elder or,
  • failure of a caregiver to satisfy the elder’s basic needs or to protect the elder from harm

If you need help call 911 now!  If you need information please contact:

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