Homeland Security Prepares for Riot

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Homeland Security Prepares for Riot

Homeland Security prepares for riot in the greater New York & Los Angeles areas come November 1, 2013.  Why?  Apparently the United States Federal Government has decided a decrease in the nations welfare system is ultimately necessary and indigents are facing a whopping $36.00 monthly decrease in support.  Now then, this move by the government has sparked widespread controversy and Homeland Security has stepped up to the plate, hollering about a possible riot and expected to spend upward to $80 Million toward hiring private security to thwart the efforts of pending riots.  If true, then it would make sense to beef up security but as it looks at this point it is a bunch of hoopla at best.”[more…]”   Take a look at Neil Cavuto from FOX News, he explains it well in his rendition of what he believes Homeland Security is doing to protect the American people from a mob of angry Americans who are about to be duped by their own government…. Take a look and see what you think….

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