Citizens Complaint

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Citizens Complaint

Citizens complaint forms are available upon request at any law enforcement agency within the State of California and most other states as well.  Unfortunately, there are times when the citizenry will file complaints for a wide number of reasons.  Most law enforcement agencies say they welcome personnel complaints but realistically they do not like them and often times attempt to conceal and or discourage citizens from filing written complaints.  A lot of times even if the citizen does file a written complaint, those complaints will sometimes not make it to their destination and or are intentionally disposed of.  Part of the problem with not filing a complaint is the fact the officer will most likely keep doing whatever it was from the onset of things and will not change his/her ways.  Now then, if the complaint is not properly documented then it will be difficult later to understand or discuss the matter in an administrative setting.  We constantly receive calls from citizens who make allegations of wrong doing by the police.  Peace Officers in the State of California are heavily protected as they should be, however, there have been many instances the officer was held to answer and or disciplined and in some cases outright fired.

If you need assistance on how to properly file a complaint and or need something investigated call us first, we have vast experience in dealing with law enforcement and their administration counterparts.  Moreover, we were once police administrators and surely know what to do if you need to lodge a complaint.  The complaint must be valid before we will get involved.  Meaning, any allegations in where a complaint is to be filed, it will have to be reviewed by us prior to making such a complaint. Please email us and or call us immediately so we can go over things and discuss your chances of having the complaint sustained. Remember, we are searching for the truth of the matter and to be objective versus subjective.  Most deputy sheriffs and or police officers are professional in all that they do, however, there are a small percentage who seem to believe they are above the law.  “Nobody is above the law!”

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