Chad Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff

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Chad Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff



Investigators publicly endorse Lieutenant Chad Bianco for the position of Sheriff-Coroner for the County of Riverside, California. Lieutenant Bianco who is duly noted as a highly decorated deputy has an exemplary personnel record once assigned to the prestigious position of the departments Professional Standards Bureau, or better termed “internal affairs.” “[more…]” His experience as an investigator has certainly proved to be very valuable to the fine citizens of Riverside County.  He once spearheaded an investigation with Dateline NBC-To Catch a Predator with Chris Hansen in where approximately 51 suspected sexual predators were arrested.

It was Lieutenant Bianco who worked closely with volunteers to assist with the 3 day long investigation to make it all happen! It is this type of leadership the County of Riverside residents so desperately need!  Why?  Well, simply said it goes back to the basics of police work where the citizens are the “eyes and ears” of the police and without such volunteers the department becomes an “individual” versus a team!  Investigations.LA supports this type of stellar leadership and truly believes Lieutenant Bianco has the skill, knowledge, experience, education and passion to fill the boots of Sheriff for the County of Riverside. Lieutenant Bianco brings a lot to the table and has a lot to offer the citizenry of Riverside County. Riverside County Sheriff’s Department now boasts to be the 2nd largest Sheriff’s Department, under Los Angeles in the State of California.  With a population swelling over 2.6 million people we need a good Sheriff who can protect us from evil doers in society.

Lieutenant Bianco is a Firearms Range Master and a lifetime member of the “NRA” National Rife Association.  Riverside County does not need a politician in the position of Sheriff, we need a deputy who will challenge his deputies to be the best they can be! Lieutenant Bianco is a people person but when it comes to laying down the law for the citizens of Riverside County….he will not blink an eye!

By Kevin Faler, Retired Corporal, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

“To Catch a Predator” source:

Take a look at his work experience, source,


1993 – 1996    Robert Presley Detention Center (Deputy)

  • Floor operations:  basic inmate security, transportation, and jail operations
  • Classification:  Responsible for all inmate housing and oversight of the “Federal Release” of county inmates.
  • Responsible for all inmate gang intelligence.
  • Chosen as the first Drug Recognition Expert assigned to the corrections division and responsible for the training of other personnel.

1996-2000       Lake Elsinore Station (Deputy)

  • Assigned to Patrol functions in the City of Lake Elsinore and the unincorporated county areas.
  • Traffic Accident trained
  • Lake Patrol and Dive rescue trained
  • Undercover Narcotics and Gang Enforcement

2000-2003       Administrative Investigations – Internal Affairs (Investigator)

  • Administrative investigations involving officer misconduct
  • Office Involved Shooting investigations and review
  • Coroner Review investigations
  • Civil litigation

2003-2006       Jurupa Valley Station (Sergeant)

  • Patrol Supervision
  • Detective Bureau Supervision
    • Garnered international acclaim for the implementation and oversight of law enforcements  most successful undercover sting.  Arrested 51 sexual predators over a three day period using volunteers.  This program was the catalyst to the formation of Riverside County’s SAFE and SPIDER task force currently protecting our children from sexual predators.
  • Assisted numerous state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies with the formation of sexual predator task force and sting operations.

2006-2011       Moreno Valley Station (Lieutenant)

  • Commander of Patrol Operations
  • Commander of Traffic Operations
  • Commander of Detective Bureau
  • Administration
  • Management and oversight of the largest contract city budget in the county.

2011-Present    Larry Smith Correctional Facility (Lieutenant)

  • Floor Operations
  • Business Operation
  • Support Operations
  • Transportation

In 2006, while supervising the Detective Bureau at the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station, I spearheaded the most successful law enforcement sting in the country.  Over a three day period, we arrested 51 suspects who attempted to engage in a sexual relationship with a child.  The sting was featured on Dateline NBC – To Catch a Predator.

The operation was originally denied by Sheriff’s Administration because of “the unknown.”  Eventually I was able to convince them of our ability to safely conduct the sting, and how the sting was necessary to protect our children and raise public awareness of the issue.  Nothing like this had ever been attempted.  This sting utilized a large group of volunteers, something that most law enforcement agencies shy away from simply because “they are not one of us.”  After the sting, a few agencies criticized my actions for going “outside law enforcement.”

However, based on our success, many more agencies across the county, and abroad, contacted me to help with their own programs.  Most law enforcement agencies today have some type of program to combat “internet crimes against children.”  Our own County Board of Supervisors authorized the funding for Riverside County’s SAFE and SPIDER task force after recognizing the need to protect our children.

Department Firearms Instructor (Train the Trainer)
Department Firearms Range Master
Basic Academy and Advanced Officer Training Instructor:

  • Ethics
  • Laws of Arrest

Leadership Moreno Valley
California Narcotic Officer’s Association
California Homicide Investigators Association
California Gang Investigators Association
Southern California Fraud Investigators Association
Peace Officers for Christ International
National Rifle Association (Life Member)

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