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Sheriff David Clarke

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Sheriff David Clarke, gives exclusive interview to Fox News.  Sheriff Clarke has taken the position to stick up for the profession he loves so much along with his outspoken real truth about what is happening with American law enforcement in the year 2015.  We commend Sheriff Clarke for his candor and his willingness to express to the American people that people in government should stop “fanning the flames” and educate people they’re not to resist arrest.  The outgoing Obama administration has failed the American people in thwarting off thugs, instead of standing strong with the police and giving warning to would be thugs.  The Obama administration can attempt to make Ferguson another modern day Selma, but it is far from the truth, it’s just little rural Ferguson with a handful of thugs.  Soon, the Obama administration will be out of office…. and they realize this.  Is there last feeble attempt at getting back at America for some type of race card?  Well, it is of course anyone’s guess, but I would surmise it is them who are attempting to wave the race card.

Our American or civilian policing cannot withstand much more from such a poorly run administration, it stands to reason, most Americans love their police and stand behind them. Yes, there are “hipsters” who flip flop on just about any and all issues in life, but the real American understands logic and reasoning.  Yes, it is true our police lack training, it is not that they cannot be trained, it has to do with who is going to foot the bill to sort of speak.  Yes, police officers make mistakes and it is because they are human and we give them a wealth of power so of course the people would expect more.  However, the fact is we have to give them the best training and best equipment so they can do their jobs more effectively.  You can give a construction worker a shovel when it takes a bulldozer to do the job, but that is basically what we’ve done to the police.  Even our military has been generous enough to give outdated Hummers and SUV type vehicles to civilian police agencies free of charge, but now people are protesting because the vehicles look to aggressive.  What a bunch of crap!  I think we should allow the police to be the police, the police do not make the laws the people do.  The police merely enforce the laws.  The fact is in the year 2015 people are becoming more violent than ever before, it is evident based on the rise of police shootings we’ve seen over the past 12 months.  Sheriff Clarke is pouring his heart out to try and get the people to understand what needs to be done. It is shameful our President merely tweeted…some weak gesture in light of the two police officers who were shot in Ferguson.  After all, he sent 40 Department of Justice investigators to look into the Darren Wilson shooting of the criminal who tried to disarm him.

Our sympathy goes out to the good citizens of Ferguson who may still reside in that forsaken city, they’ve stood by and seen the devastation of their rural small town with literally nobody to turn to for the truth.  We can only hope and pray for the good people and continue to say “stand strong” Ferguson it will soon all be over.  For the haters and non-believers, well I am sure they will continue to spread hate and discontent but it will fade with time as good will always prevail.  For the opportunist, who are taking advantage of looting the poor small rural town, they do not care and only want to get something for nothing, appearing as if they’re concerned for the criminal who was shot and killed by the brave, Officer Wilson.  Life will continue forward and the pursuit of justice will also prevail.  Take a look at Sheriff Clarke on video by Fox News.

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