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Give me an example of the last major project you worked on. What was your role? Did you work as a team? What were the issues involved? Do you have any statistical background, either in school or on the job? Could you describe a decision you recently made that was initially unpopular with your supervisors or staff? How did you handle it? Describe how you think through a difficult problem. Have you ever had to “sell” top management on a decision you made? Please describe the situation. Describe a project you recently worked on that got “bogged down” for some reason and what you did to put it back on line. What types of problems do you solve on a day-to-day basis? Did you make any changes in the firm you felt particularly proud of? Give me an example of a very complex problem or issue you have faced. How did you solve the problem?
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Tell me about your current/last job: To whom do you report? What aspects of your previous position did you find professionally challenging? What were your two most important achievements in your current job? How do you think your subordinates would describe you as a manager and supervisor? What attributes do you believe an effective manager should possess? What plans do you have for self-development in the next 12 months? What types of criticisms are leveled at you most often? Many of us improve our personal interaction with others as we mature. Looking back over the past two years, in what way have you improved? What steps do you generally follow in making a decision? Tell me what your supervisor would say about your secretarial skills and abilities. What particular things would he/she tell me are your strong points clerically? What would he/she tell me that you would need to improve upon?

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