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We provide a wide variety of services and can certainly help you with your needs, merely give us a call and we can chat about your needs and see what fits for you. In the business, of investigations it is sometimes problematic to define what we do since we just about do it all.  Meaning, we work both sides of the coin and as an example if you are accused of theft we will help defend you, on the other hand, if someone stole something from you then of course we would go track the person down and attempt to recover your loss.  This is what we call being fair and impartial in life with great balance.  This is part of our services, which can be identified as equilibrium in all facets of investigative work.

Of course, people such as the Public Defender would agree, however, the District Attorney may disagree.  What is important to us, is you agree!  Again, meaning it is important we talk so we can help you, not everyone is guilty of committing crimes…it may appear that way but we know different.  We have helped many people get their charges dismissed and or they were acquitted in court. On the other hand, as we said we have also held people responsible for crimes they committed especially against the elderly. Our services, include but are not limited to helping people and that is the caveat here.  We are here to help!  Yes, we keep everything confidential and do not boast about what we do, however, we will say that we have a big success rate at winning criminal cases. Why?  It is because we have high education and are able to analytically figure things out and use good reasoning in our assessments.  Can all cases be won?  Absolutely not, but that does not mean we can’t do our best and or try and minimize the damage.  Damage control is a very important factor and we offer a wide assortment of answers to get things our way.

Remember, our services are broad, yes we do missing person cases and have extensive knowledge about working the streets and making contacts with people on the street to locate loved ones.  We have many contacts in City, County, State and the Federal government in where we work vertically well with most agencies. One thing that makes us famous, is we know all the little tricks from working on the inside for so long, we can short cut things, or identify certain little magical things within the system to make it work to our advantage.  Our services include reliability and for us it is easy, we have always been held to answer and taking orders from supervisors….so it is second nature to us to obey and act correctly and come through with whatever we are saying.  We are very trustworthy and have never had a problem with a client as of yet, we tell people up front what we can do and do not promise silly things such as we can save the world.  We are proud of our clients and we all seem to be a family over time. Our clients all love us and we have gotten nothing other than praise from the each of them. All the attorneys we work for will tell you we are true spirits and want to help anyone, our attorneys are top notch professional officers of the court and will defend you!

Lastly, like I said earlier, our services are broad and we handle nearly every aspect of investigations, criminal defense, financial crimes, missing persons, cheaters, fraud, insurance claims, tax claims, domestic violence, internal affairs, wrongful termination, employee resolution, fatal traffic collisions, homicide, manslaughter, larceny, sex offenders, sexual abuse cases and we could keep on going……   We love financial crimes, whether for defense or for the prosecution we love them and are good at tracing information.  We are very good at defending the accused in violent crime allegations and have a big success rate in having charges dismissed and or diminished. We represent Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Lawyers, Doctors, Construction Workers, Firefighters, Cab Drivers, Nurses and Teachers to name a few professions… You’re not alone here, you would be surprised who we have helped along the way!  Do not wait, call us as every hour you wait the harder it can become….we know how to do it…just call us!

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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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