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Probate Investigator

Probate investigator?  Yes, there may become a time in where people will need a probate investigator to assist on their probate case.  Do not mistake a court appointed probate investigator with a private investigator who investigates probate cases.  What is the difference?  Well, a court appointed probate investigator is a person who actually works for the county court system who generally will contact witnesses, speak with district attorney investigators, Adult Protective Services etc… In the end, the court appointed probate investigator will prepare a written report for the court.  Now then, the report may be distributed to either party in the case if requested through the court, unless of course there is something legally withholding it from being distributed.

Keep in mind the court appointed probate investigator are generally spread thin and have a lot of cases, moreover, their authored reports can be summed up with the same language copy & pasted from previous reports in order to save time. If you’re a private investigator chances are the court appointed probate investigator will not release any report to you or give you any information on their investigation, this goes the same for any district attorney investigator as well.  So then, what do you do?  Well, as a private investigator you’re not so much governed by the court but merely by the attorney you work for if you have one.  Meaning, you can journey out and conduct your investigation, interview witnesses etc… You may ask, “Well why do I need a private investigator?”

The answer is simple, it is because the court appointed probate investigator most likely has limited knowledge and basically does the minimum on nearly every case.  I am not saying they do not do a great job, I am saying they’re busy and only have so much time to devote to any one investigation.  Plus, the probate investigator generally works from 8-5 Monday through Friday with all holidays off.  These are only a few reasons why a private investigator who is highly educated with major police training is needed to investigate probate cases in the year 2015. A private investigator can gather the necessary information for your attorney which will be invaluable to any case. It all has to do with the interview process when interviewing people in a probate matter. Why? Well, for an example people will recall certain conversations and or were percipient witnesses who may give sworn declarations needed for court purposes.  It would seem logical the same statements in the form of a declaration could be done through your attorney or they could of course be deposed.  But, here is the trick, probate court loves to hear from a professional private investigator who is an expert in his/her field versus an attorney who may be jaded due to working directly for the client.

This is what helps win cases in probate court.  Often, probate does not see private investigators very much and when they do the court really pays attention realizing the private investigator was hired to do something special.  Or, perhaps hired to uncover some type of wrongdoing. This adds great value to your case and again paves the way to win!  A lot of people do not realize how important it is to win a probate case but actually it could mean the difference of a person receiving certain benefits, when another person who is undeserving and or has other ulterior motives gains control of the probate case.  No, you cannot win every single probate case but I will tell you this…attorneys who do not utilize private investigators rarely win especially convoluted cases and mostly only take clear cut cases to begin with.  Attorneys who use private investigators are smart, the investigator does all the work…or mostly and they get evidence into court they would not have otherwise have dreamed of.

Remember, professional private investigators have great resources, contacts and a healthy network of people who can assist in any investigation and get things done when others cannot.  Yes, it is all done legally and done with great precision!  If you do not have a probate attorney we can help you and refer you to an excellent attorney or if you need an investigator we can certainly help you here as well.  It takes a special person to be patient with the elders, as in most cases seniors seem to be our clients for the most part. We have recovered millions for people who needed an investigator on their cases, when they thought for sure it was never to be gotten and they would never see a dime.  Our phone number is all over this website, take a look around at some other articles and information and if we can help you please give us a call.  We cover nearly all of California and do take contingency cases.

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Private Investigator, is exactly what it means, we handle everything from XYZ!  The title, Private Investigator is a profession which has came leaps and bounds over the years and is a highly sought after profession at that!  A Private Investigator could potentially come from many sorts of backgrounds such as attorneys, bounty hunters, insurance companies, however, retired law enforcement has taken a great interest in the position.  Retired officers have found their services are greatly desired and clients are willing to pay for the professional Private Investigator at nearly any cost to win, after all the police are to busy and have to be in court a lot.  We have found that people are willing to pay for  private services in which law enforcement cannot provide and or are prohibited from doing because of all the legal wrangling.  We would like to share with you some of the services we offer which are second to none.  If you have a financial case as an example, we have the resources to uncover massive paper trails, interview and interrogation techniques and ways to track down people who are hiding.  To be clear, our position is not subjective, but rather objective for the client’s best interest.  We work directly for their attorneys who direct us in the areas we’re expected to investigate and focus on.

Our investigative team has many talents and have solved many high profile cases which, include but are not limited to false allegations of criminal threats, false allegations from a spouse of domestic violence, false allegations of assaults on police officers, false allegations of assault & battery cases, false allegations of perjury, false allegations of resisting arrest and the list goes on!  Why?  Well, like I said earlier we do everything from XYZ and if you can trust us to handle your case we will provide viable results to the best of our ability.  Do we win every case?  Absolutely not, however, we may get the charges reduced or we can minimize criminal charges, and institute damage control.  Our clients include a host of celebrities in where the strictest of all investigations are kept confidential and we make sure the paper trail is confidential as well. Why should you hire us?  Well, simply said we win!  Moreover, we are friendly, logical and have the ability to reason out cases very easily.  Our network is far reaching and our resources are never ending with provable results.

We consult real judges, real district attorneys, we speak to court clerks by cell phone, we have all kinds of inside action which you wouldn’t believe.  Is it legal?  Absolutely, we have friends everywhere, including City, County State and the Federal government.  Remember, we are professionals so we have access to a wide amount of information at any given time dependent on what exactly the information consists of, which includes all public outlets for information.  As a Private Investigator, we are highly sought after due to our high skills, practical experience, training and education.  We are very serious about what we do on every single case.  If you’re an attorney and you’re looking to hire a Private Investigator you came to the right place, after all you do want to win don’t you?  Of course, you want to win everyone does.  However, the first step is to call us and let us know what type of case you have.  We can tell you in a matter of seconds if we can take on your case.  Yes, there are a few cases we will not take due to our high standards and or cases in where our Private Investigators will be faced with imminent danger.  As an example we will not go deep in the Country of Mexico to fetter out the drug cartel, we will leave that to law enforcement. Again, we handle nearly all cases from XYZ but we do have to face reality.

When it comes to investigations our spirit is to win, yes we are in it to win it and you’ll clearly see we are friendly and will take the necessary steps to help you be stress free in all that we do.  Yes, we will answer the phone and will return your calls as soon as possible.  The last thing we do is ignore our clients, we give them full attention as necessary and will fulfill our obligations.  Yes, we do go to court in order to fight for our clients, so we may be off the phone for a little while but we always check our messages and contact our clients as soon as possible.  Just give us a call and let us know how we can help you and even if you think you do not have a chance of winning let us help you make that decision.  We have seen cases in where people thought they were doomed and sure enough we pulled it off where they saved thousands of dollars.  Give us a call or email us…let us help you be stress free!

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