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Los Angeles Private Investigators

Los Angeles Private Investigators

If you’re looking for a Private Investigator in Los Angeles and or in the seven sister counties you’ve come to the right place!  We offer a host of investigators who will travel abroad on your behalf and will gladly help you get to the truth of the matter. All you have to do is give a call and in three easy steps we will assign you the best of the best! Los Angeles Private Investigators are versed in nearly every field you could think of and we serve the best of best as well. Our network is vast and reach is far, so when you come to us you get results and satisfaction. We are connected to a wealth of professional attorneys who specialize in many areas of law.  Remember, we’re here to help you and give you answers.  However, we can’t help you if you do not call us… I would invite the each of you to not waste time but make the call and ask away…. If we don’t have the answers we will do our best to seek out our resources and get you the answer you’re looking for.

Find a Private Investigator

Many times people have no idea where to look for a good Private Investigator and many times have a hard time deciding who the best person to hire actually is.  Well, our team is brutally honest with people and work small cases to the big ones!  We write these blogs so you may have a better understanding of who we are and what we can do for you in the time of need. To find a Private Investigator on the internet can be a daunting task and to go from website to website only to find out when you call you get a recording.  This can be aggravating at best and will only cause you more stress than you really need. My hopes are that you will call us and we can tell you in three easy steps how we can work for you. Finding the right Private Investigator is not easy, mostly due to each of us having different personalities in life and we have to find the correct Private Investigator whom we consider a fit.  I can tell you we have many, with many different personalities from the hyper aggressive to the laid back salt or the rain man type individual.  It is easy for us to pair you up with the right person that will work hard for you.  To find a Private Investigator is one thing but hiring one is all together not so easy.  Meaning, when you hire a Private Investigator it is not cheap…so having the means to go through with an investigation is or can be very stressful.

Find a Lawyer

A lot of times people have no clue as to where to look for the right attorney.  Well, all you have to do is call us and we can pair you up with a good attorney who will be true to you.  Of course, every situation is different but we’re here to help and can surely take of you.  It is up to you to call and ask all the questions you want…it doesn’t cost anything.  In fact, many times we’ve done nothing more than give people good advice and happen to save them really big bucks just because they called.  Many times, people decided they didn’t need a Private Investigator after all and took the advice and went away happy!  I would venture to say that most people just need solid advice and we’re pretty good at doing just that.  It’s not all about closing the deal and profiting it is about being honest in life and helping people who need real talk and real guidance in life. Our position is to continue to help people who really need a shoulder to lean on.  We work for so many really cool attorney’s we can easily match you up with a good one who will work with you to do what you ask.  It’s not hard all you have to do is give us a call and we can put them work for you.  Besides you really don’t want a real estate lawyer if you trying get a divorce…or at least I wouldn’t think so….lol

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Sheriff David Clarke

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Sheriff David Clarke, gives exclusive interview to Fox News.  Sheriff Clarke has taken the position to stick up for the profession he loves so much along with his outspoken real truth about what is happening with American law enforcement in the year 2015.  We commend Sheriff Clarke for his candor and his willingness to express to the American people that people in government should stop “fanning the flames” and educate people they’re not to resist arrest.  The outgoing Obama administration has failed the American people in thwarting off thugs, instead of standing strong with the police and giving warning to would be thugs.  The Obama administration can attempt to make Ferguson another modern day Selma, but it is far from the truth, it’s just little rural Ferguson with a handful of thugs.  Soon, the Obama administration will be out of office…. and they realize this.  Is there last feeble attempt at getting back at America for some type of race card?  Well, it is of course anyone’s guess, but I would surmise it is them who are attempting to wave the race card.

Our American or civilian policing cannot withstand much more from such a poorly run administration, it stands to reason, most Americans love their police and stand behind them. Yes, there are “hipsters” who flip flop on just about any and all issues in life, but the real American understands logic and reasoning.  Yes, it is true our police lack training, it is not that they cannot be trained, it has to do with who is going to foot the bill to sort of speak.  Yes, police officers make mistakes and it is because they are human and we give them a wealth of power so of course the people would expect more.  However, the fact is we have to give them the best training and best equipment so they can do their jobs more effectively.  You can give a construction worker a shovel when it takes a bulldozer to do the job, but that is basically what we’ve done to the police.  Even our military has been generous enough to give outdated Hummers and SUV type vehicles to civilian police agencies free of charge, but now people are protesting because the vehicles look to aggressive.  What a bunch of crap!  I think we should allow the police to be the police, the police do not make the laws the people do.  The police merely enforce the laws.  The fact is in the year 2015 people are becoming more violent than ever before, it is evident based on the rise of police shootings we’ve seen over the past 12 months.  Sheriff Clarke is pouring his heart out to try and get the people to understand what needs to be done. It is shameful our President merely tweeted…some weak gesture in light of the two police officers who were shot in Ferguson.  After all, he sent 40 Department of Justice investigators to look into the Darren Wilson shooting of the criminal who tried to disarm him.

Our sympathy goes out to the good citizens of Ferguson who may still reside in that forsaken city, they’ve stood by and seen the devastation of their rural small town with literally nobody to turn to for the truth.  We can only hope and pray for the good people and continue to say “stand strong” Ferguson it will soon all be over.  For the haters and non-believers, well I am sure they will continue to spread hate and discontent but it will fade with time as good will always prevail.  For the opportunist, who are taking advantage of looting the poor small rural town, they do not care and only want to get something for nothing, appearing as if they’re concerned for the criminal who was shot and killed by the brave, Officer Wilson.  Life will continue forward and the pursuit of justice will also prevail.  Take a look at Sheriff Clarke on video by Fox News.

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Mike McCormick Garland County Sheriff

Mike McCormick for Sheriff


Interviewed by Investigations.LA: Retired, Captain & Interim Chief of Police, Mike McCormick of the Hot Springs Police Department is the top pick for the position of Sheriff for the Garland County Sheriff’s Department in the State of Arkansas! His choice to step up as an independent candidate for the position of Sheriff just proves his willingness and bravery to serve the citizens of Garland County. Remember, Mike has already served as a veteran police officer for 30 years protecting people from evildoers in life. He brings not only professionalism but practical experience to the table along with a pedigree of vast police assignments. He possesses the social skills, high education and disposition to deal with people on a down to earth level and moreover, he possesses love for Garland County is in his heart.

I interviewed Mike over the phone earlier today and boy was I excited. He is very intelligent and was a great listener, which in my opinion is just one sign of a great leader! Mike said he is ready to serve the community as Garland County Sheriff and is eager to work with the Quorum Court and the people of Garland County. I asked Mike if he had any plans to change things once he becomes Sheriff. He said, he believes he has some great ideas but when it comes to changing things, it is best to assess the situation, listen to ideas of the deputies and other employees so that the right decisions are made. Mike said it is important he stay within budget which he will scrutinize. Resources will be prioritized so that the needs of the people of Garland County are met as efficiently as possible.

Mike wants community involvement with the GCSO and would like to implement a citizens’ police academy, which was a program he successfully initiated at the Hot Springs Police Department. Mike believes that patrol is the cornerstone of any law enforcement agency and will work hard to get more deputies on the streets of Garland County. A new $42 million detention center will be opening in Garland County after the beginning of the year.

Mike states that it is imperative that it be properly managed to reduce crime and to make Garland County a safer place to live. I asked Mike about training issues within the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. Mike said, the people of Garland County demand their deputies be the best they can be and he must institute continual training not only for deputy officer safety but for the community at large. He explained training can be expensive but he has ways of working vertically with other departments to reduce costs. Mike will expect all employees to behave professionally and in a respectful manner. He considers all GCSO employees to be a direct reflection of the Sheriff. I wished Mike good luck and told him he is supported by Los Angeles Private Investigators and we certainly endorse him for the position of Sheriff, of Garland County Arkansas….




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Serial Rapist Convicted


Photo: Accused Rapist Melbrough Williams

SexOffender.LA reports: A Riverside County man, residing in the City of Murrieta is accused of allegedly raping and robbing women working as prostitutes, most of whom he found online as he perused websites looking for female escorts, has been ordered to stand trial, authorities said. Melbrough Williams Jr., 45, has pleaded not guilty to rape, robbery, kidnapping and other sex charges, Riverside County court records show. He is charged with raping five women and attempted to sexually assault a sixth. All but one of the assaults are alleged to have occurred in the City of Temecula or surrounding areas.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Investigator III S. Grassel was assigned the daunting task of tracking down a potentially unknown serial rapist operating within the County of Riverside. He painstakingly took the time to track down any victims and interview them ad nauseam as he was on his hunt for a serial rapist. Investigator Grassel eventually tracked down Melbrough Williams through a victim, by use of a photo line-up. Investigator S. Grassel had showed his first victim 7 photo lineups before she made a positive ID on Williams. DNA from Williams was found on the victim in her sexual assault examination. There were a total of 10 victims but only 6 of the 10 victims wanted to pursue official charges.

On July 27, 2012, Investigator S. Grassel successfully arrested Melbrough Williams for multiple counts of alleged sexual assaults and was held on a bail increase of $10,000,000.00 since his arrest. Over several months of, “good ole fashion police work” Investigator Grassel pitched his case to the Riverside County District Attorney’s office.  The investigation revealed Williams had been involved in this type of activity for over 10 years, his first known incident was October 2002. Since the arrest two other victims were located, one by a DNA hit and one who’s phone had been stolen during a robbery which was in the possession Melbrough Williams at the time of his arrest.

During the investigation, Investigator S. Grassel learned Melbrough Williams was a medically retired Los Angeles County Probation employee. Investigator S. Grassel proceeded with the case just like any other case he came across.Melbrough Williams was found guilty of seven felony sexual assault cases out of 12 felony counts he was originally charged with on June 16, 2014 Southwest Division of the Riverside County Superior Court. Melbrough Williams potentially faces approximately 95 years to life behind bars for his convictions. He faces sentencing in mid-July,


Photo: Investigator S. Grassel, previous agency

It is investigators like Investigator S. Grassel who are true policemen with a passion to hunt down potential serial rapists who are to be commended with the highest regard from society. SexOffender.LA brings you true stories from true policemen who are the very fabric of society, protecting women and children without regard to their very own safety. Investigator S. Grassel is an asset to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. His willingness to undertake such a feat is second to none. Our hat goes off to Investigator S. Grassel for performing such a heroic deed. We would also like to mention District Attorney Sean Crandall and District Attorney Ed Hansen who did an awesome job of taking an alleged serial rapist to trial and winning convictions on seven of the twelve counts against Melbrough Williams.

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Phoenix Cop Murdered, Second Cop Wounded

Phoenix cop murdered, second cop wounded in a shootout with a violent felon during an undercover operation.  A Phoenix Police Officer, returned fire killing the suspect dead!  One officer has succumbed to his injuries and the other is listed in critical condition.  At the time of this article, it is unclear what the officers were investigating or what spurned the shooting other than the suspect was running on foot in an alley way when he turned on two plainclothes officers and started shooting.  The officer returned fire with one officer blasting the suspect out of his shoes where he fell dead in the alley.  The names of the officers have not been released as of yet.  Our prayers are with the officers involved and for their families and the Phoenix Police Department.  Please see the videos the Phoenix Police Department has provided.

Please remember to wear your vest and always be ready locked and loaded for such incidents!  Life on the street today in the year 2014 is tougher than ever and you must be in good physical condition and ready for the threat of life or death every second of the day during your tour of service.  Lastly, never chase a suspect on foot alone…always have a partner there with you for back up.  We realize this is not always possible but if it is then wait for the back up and do it together…those people are always there to catch…they can’t help committing crimes and showing their faces every time you turn around… in other words…you will catch them later…under better circumstances…

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Orange County Bail Bonds

Global Positioning System

GPS: A Promising Solution that Fails To Protect and Serve the Public
Technological advancements have made tracking devices more effective and increased the ability to locate someone. These features led to the adoption of GPS tracking devices as part of the realignment plan initiated by the Californian Governor and took effect in October 2011. In a move to reduce overcrowding in state and county prisons, accused persons and paroled ones deemed to be non violent are required to have a GPS tracking device on them and are given strict regulations which incur penalties if violated. As far as reducing the number of people in prisons is concerned, the use of GPS tracking devices is effective. However, in terms of ensuring public security and preventing violations of regulations set for pre trials and pre releases it fails. First, there are no deterring penalties. Prior to the realignment plan, those who defaulted set regulations faced a year in state prison, this term has been reduced to just three months. On top of that many may be released earlier as a result of overcrowding. This factor further augments other failings of the GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device. Here are reasons why GPS device is not suitable for pre-trials and pre-releases.

GPS Devices Does Not Stop Crime
Assuming a GPS device was effective as it should be, the most it would do is track the individual. It can tell the location of someone but cannot say if the person is committing a crime or not. This poses a risk on public security where released accused persons and paroled criminals can go on committing crimes within the vicinity or areas they are allowed by the regulations.

Insufficient Observation
The number of people with tracking devices and the geographical region they cover makes it a challenge for those watching over the individuals. Unless the people have a specific interest over the person being tracked, all hour round observation for every individual is not possible.

GPS Tracking Devices Can Be Removed
The number of individuals tampering and removing the global positioning system (GPS) trackers has increased at an alarming rate. Recent cases of crimes being committed by paroled and people released at pre trials have become rampant in California and many other states. Not only is the general public in danger but also the potential witnesses and former victims of the accused persons and criminals.The GPS tracking is clearly not effective in its main role to ensure appearance and protect public safety. There are too many things that can go wrong with GPS tracking to rely on it as an effective pre-release solution. On the other hand, the use of commercial bail bonds has consistently proven to be one of the most successful means of pre-trial release in use by 47 out of 50 states in the US. Furthermore, bail bonds does not cost the taxpayer one cent of public funds and keeps our streets safe by relying on financial and family-based incentives to keep someone charged with a crime accountable in a court of law. Orange County Bail Bonds has been providing bail bond services to the citizens of California for the past 50 years. If you or a loved one is in need of professional bail bonds, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our site for more information.

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Fullerton Officers Acquitted on all Counts

Fullerton Officers acquitted on all counts!  That’s right our justice system works once again as it has for the last 100 years!  Ladies & gentlemen, the jury has spoken! Law enforcement officers from around the world are rejoicing after hearing the good news of the verdicts.   Of course, there is always a handful of people who disagree with verdicts such as these but that is quite normal and actually very healthy for all.  Most lawyers and law enforcement officers know the true reasoning behind the acquittals when the layman John Q. Citizen lacks knowledge of the law as it pertains to most of the allegations and or the definitive value of the law.  Yes, we feel badly for the loss of a human life, however, it is imperative that society understands the police need not desist or retreat. In this particular case it goes back to simple police work and that is called training.  It was clear, the officers were just doing their job and implementing training and practical experience.

The standard of training in the State of California is second to none and for this reason we have some of the most highly trained police officers on planet earth.  There are many naysayers or haters in the world who basically have very limited knowledge of police procedure. So then, when the media exploits the solicited statements of people with little or no education then it would prove up a fruitless or unfair advantage against the police.  This same type of media frenzy has gone on for years and years.  The media outlets playing the same film footage over and over to the extent it is embedded in ones mind.  This type of journalism again is an unfair advantage to the police and will most likely never go away.  Why?  Well, simply said journalist are covered under the United States Constitution and the first time any of them are questioned they always seek this pleading.  Therefore, what happens is these types of cases the police officer suffers great ridicule from society even after being acquitted by a jury of his/her peers.

Without even naming names here…it is clear even family members do not clearly understand the law, if they did they would surely understand the reasons for the acquittal.  Not to belabor this whole situation but instead to report the aforementioned true information which we all now know to be true.  For over zealous prosecutors to attempt to take advantage of police officers while stooping to pressure from naysayers might get them to rethink their tactics.  As far as the F.B.I. goes, they have already investigated this matter and if there were anything to be brought forward it would have already been done.  This is clearly not a civil rights violation case, it is merely a person who resisted the lawful efforts of a law enforcement officer to affect an arrest, nothing more.

Our hearts go out to everyone in the matter and no punches held here, it is what it is and we have to accept our legal system as is.  We do extend our sincere apologies to the entire family for their great loss, it saddens us deeply, however we can only go forward and promote peace and harmony.  Our lives must go onward and the Fullerton Officers should be returned to work immediately with full back pay and benefits.

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Sheriff Baca Resigns

Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca told news reporters he is throwing in the towel Tuesday, January 7, 2014.  Sheriff Baca 71, is giving up his post as Sheriff of Los Angeles County in the midst of a widespread corruption scandal inside one of his own jails.  Why would Sheriff Baca abandon his post now?  Well, we are shocked he would bail on his department when they need him the most during troubling times when at least 18 of his deputies were recently charged with various crimes mostly by federal authorities.  It would seem most of the charges levied against the 18 deputies are pretty weak and will likely cost the fine citizens of Los Angeles County millions in pay out settlements in the end.  Bob Olmstead an aggressive forerunner for the position of Sheriff has been outspoken about corruption within the jail system. Now then, I interviewed Bob Olmstead a few months ago and it was agreed if a deputy as an example violates policy and or any law he/she should be dealt with accordingly.  While I thought this is a fair assessment, Bob related he is for fairness and each case should be looked at on an individual basis.  However, it was also agreed, that if a deputy commits a minor violation the discipline should fit and be assessed as progressive discipline.

Again, a fair assessment by Bob and a good one at that!  Here is the problem as I see it, it appears Sheriff Baca has imposed harsh discipline upon jail deputies including termination when it is unwarranted.  Why, because he buckled under pressure to do something…and his something is wrong….This my friends is very wrong as every deputy should be treated fairly under due process of law, specifically under AB 301, the Officers Bill of Rights! We are familiar with at least one wrongful termination in where the deputy was terminated without cause and it looks as though the deputy is soon to be reinstated and it will cost the county an exorbitant amount of money.  So there is no mistaken, Bob is talking about corruption such as assault and or battery under the color of authority or some serious violation…not a deputy taking to long of a lunch period or a deputy leaving off shift 15 minutes early.  Bob is speaking of real corruption in where the current administration has failed to act.  As it looks, Sheriff Baca has succumbed to political pressure to resign immediately.  Bob Olmstead, former Commander is seeking election as the new Los Angeles County Sheriff and is said to be the frontrunner as we speak.  We indorse Bob Olmstead, a leader with the foresight to report corruption and not afraid to speak out for the rights of others.  Bob is a cops cop and he is what we call real!  A real cop who will shine as Los Angeles County Sheriff, for all the people, no matter their race or religion.  Furthermore, Bob is not only a leader but an innovator  with great insight into the county and its vision to succeed.  We will probably never know why Sheriff Baca threw in the towel and abandoned his department so suddenly, however, what we do know is Bob Olmstead has long taken the stance he will gladly accept the position and take command as Sheriff.  Los Angeles County citizenry does not need a quitter, they need a winner like Bob Olmstead who is a stand up, badge carrying, gun carrying real Sheriff who will protect us from all evil.

Kevin Faler, C.E.O.


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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, has evolved over the years as it relates to the term itself and the law as well.  The domestic violence laws in the State of California date back to the late 70’s but mostly went into affect in the 90’s. Most police agencies jumped on the fact they could charge people with a felony as long as the elements matched, “traumatic injury.”  This gave the police authority to make arbitrary decisions with little question.  Well, over time what has happened is…. police officers are arresting off duty police officers for the felonious charge of domestic violence mostly because they are mandated to write a report of the incident, therefore, they believe if they have to write a report they can get a felony stat behind it as well.  Well, this poor way of thinking has ruined many officers careers especially if they get convicted. Most cases involving off duty police officers, do not rise to the level of an arrest….example…the male half leaving out the door and the female half jumps in the way of the threshold of the door and the male half has to squeeze by….and just because the male half physically brushed up against the female half… DOES NOT CONSTITUTE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

We have defended many off duty officers and have so far won all of our cases.  What happens is the spouse or co-inhabitant girlfriend/boyfriend will later decide they no longer want to prosecute but what happens is the over zealous district attorney will say….no and that the state will take up the charges regardless if the victim refuses to prosecute or testify.  Let me tell you that is a big bluff, a jury really doesn’t care if the district attorney files the charge, if they do not see a victim in court willing to testify…the case gets dismissed.  Do not allow any police officer convince you the state will take up charges or any district attorney for that matter.  They are bluffing, and in the end you will see the jury will not convict if there is no physical victim in court to give their side of the story.  Most district attorneys know this and will not take the case to trial in fear they will lose, and generally speaking they do.  Take a look at some of the statistical data below.

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) says 196,880 incidents of domestic
violence were reported to local law enforcement agencies in 2000. Between 1990 and
2000, statewide arrests for Penal Code section 273.5 (corporal injury on a spouse or
cohabitant) increased 17 percent, from 43,760 to 51,225. Many cases are dismissed
due to victims who refuse to testify, or were untruthful from the onset.

Toll free: 855-342-3300


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Police Defense

Police defense, is something we take pride in and give 100% attention to in all cases. If you are a peace officer, police officer, deputy sheriff, correctional officer please give us a shot, we have been successful in helping many officers with progressive discipline issues, wrongful termination along with other issues such as filing grievances or complaints. We have tremendous talent in the field of internal affair investigations and are not afraid to go up against the most aggressive investigators within any agency. Our talent is derived from major education and on the job training as internal affair investigators. Most agencies have union lawyers which the officer relies on  heavily to win their case but truth be told most union defense lawyers were not officers themselves and lack the inside scoop of how to truly win your case.  We have assisted police union lawyers and have had excellent success, so if you have an attorney you might want to tell him/her you would like to have an investigator on your case.

Please remember, it is not like hiring one of your buddies to help you on your case, you need a professional who knows the ins-and-outs of these types of investigations.  Meaning, understanding the law as it pertains to your case and what the district attorney, administration and or an arbitrator will be looking for in your individual case.  If anything at all, please do not give any statements to anyone until you call us, let your pride down and call us, we are your friends…we will help you.  We truly want to help you be stress free…no matter what the allegation/s are.  We were or are cops…we know what to do…let us help you.  It all starts with you making the call, we will answer 24/7 and it will not cost you anything other than your valuable time. Yes, we are in the business to profit and yes we are expensive but let me tell you we are in it to win it.  We have major resources across Southern California, we know judges, D.A.’s, Defense Attorneys, Civil Attorneys, governmental employee’s and many others who are willing to help you.

If you have not been interviewed yet please call us first, do not give a statement until you speak to us first. Assert your AB301 rights and demand your union representative…..and if your reps are weak…demand your lawyer.  If you do not have a lawyer, call us we have attorneys willing and ready to take your case. We do not care if you have been ordered not to talk about your case, call us we can represent you. Remember, even if you believe it is a lost cause or they have overwhelming evidence…you could be wrong here…we have won many which most cops would say…. “Wow!” “Completely amazing!”


Toll free: 855-342-3300

Lawyer Reviews

Excellent Service

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Ronald Ask, Elder Law Pc, located in Riverside, CA. is a top notch attorney. He helped us with a very complex elder abuse case in where we recovered millions of dollars that was stolen from us. I recommend Ronald Ask.

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